Local rules

Off limits (Rule 27)

  • Defined by white stakes (and/or fences)
  • Beyond any white stakes bounding the course (and/or fence)
  • A ball on or beyond the roads next to holes n°3, n°4, n°9, n°10, n°13, n°14, n°17 and in the driving range is out-of-bounds.

Water obstacles (Rule 26)

  • Defined by yellow stakes

Side water obstacles (Rule 26)

  • Defined by red stakes
  • When playing hole n°6, the water obstacle on the right and around the green of hole n°5 is considered a lateral water obstacle.
  • When playing hole n°12, the water obstacle beyond the green (between the tee and the fairway of hole n°13) is considered a lateral water obstacle.

Land in repair (Rule 25)

  • Defined by blue stakes
  • A ravine dug into a bunker by the effect of water may be considered as a ground under repair (rule 25-1b (ii) applies).

Obstructions (Rule 24)

  • Stones in bunkers are removable obstructions (rule 24-1).
  • All fixed sprinkler heads are immovable obstructions, and relief from such interference may be obtained in accordance with rule 24-2. In addition, if the ball lies off the green, but not in an obstruction, and such an obstruction on the green or within two club lengths of the green and within two club lengths of the ball interposes itself on the line of play between the ball and the hole, the player may be granted relief as follows: the ball must be lifted and dropped at the nearest point from which the ball was resting which: a) is not closer to the hole, b) avoids such interposition and c) is neither in an obstacle nor on the green. The ball can be cleaned when it is raised.

Temporary local rules

Check before playing if applicable!