A benchmark of golf course etiquette, etiquette defines the code of conduct to be observed with regard to other players and the course. It applies without restriction to the Bercuit, to ensure that everyone has the maximum enjoyment of the game.

#1 Look after your attire

Times may have changed, but you still don’t play golf in jeans. While remaining casual, your attire must respect a certain number of criteria. At the Bercuit, for example, you’ll want to wear :

  • Canvas pants, Bermuda shorts or skirts
  • A shirt or polo
  • Flat-soled shoes

#2 Arrive on time

Does your game start at 11 a.m.? By that time, you need to have informed the caddie-master of your presence, prepared your equipment and reached your first tee. This way, you’ll avoid delaying everyone else on the course.

#3 Respect the environment

If there’s one sport you can play in harmony with nature, it’s golf! Put your cigarette butts and other garbage in the garbage cans provided, and watch where you put your feet. The greens are especially fragile, so never drive your cart over them.

#4 Keep your emotions under control

Have you just missed two shots in a row? Is the wind against you? That’s no reason to throw your club on the ground! Instead, try to maintain a good attitude whatever the circumstances. Your game, and that of your partners, will be all the more enjoyable for it.

#5 Respect other players

Nothing is more destabilizing for a player than to feel the excitement around him. When you’re not playing, stand back and avoid sudden movements. Silence is golden on the course. Don’t forget to turn off your smartphone.

#6 Respect priorities and the order of the course

In Bercuit, two balls have absolute priority, whereas single players have none. Three and four balls have no respective priority.

Unless previously agreed by the CaddyMaster, it is forbidden to play the course in a modified order. Any player who deviates from this rule loses all priority on the course.

#7 Keep the rhythm

Games follow one another on the course. Make sure you keep pace with the group ahead of you. If a hole resists you, pick up your ball to move on to the next hole or let the next ones go by.

#8 Repair your marks

After certain types of shot, your ball creates a hole in the green that can interfere with the trajectory of future balls. Take care not only to erase this mark but also to repair your passage through the bunkers where necessary.

#9 Fill your divots

The beauty of our golf course benefits all its users. To preserve it, remember to replace your divots if you’ve made a divot. This will help maintain the quality of the course.

#10 Don’t look for your ball for more than 3 minutes

Losing a ball happens to everyone. But that’s no reason to delay other players. Limit your search to a few minutes. If you or one of your partners loses your ball, help each other.

These 10 golden rules are only an overview of golf etiquette, but they’re still a very good basis. Following them will improve your experience on the course, as well as that of other players.